Adam Krause - December

Posted: 12/2/2021

Adam Krause – December 2021

New pigs arrive at Adam’s nursery barn. Adam also has some visitors on the farm and he talks about other jobs within pig farming.

Math Problem: At 21 days of age, each pig needs 3 square feet of space, can you determine the dimensions of a pen that will hold 75 pigs?

Discussion Topic: Do you think that the pigs will need more space as they grow?

Discussion Topic: Adam introduces us to some people he works with on his pig farm; a truck driver, a veterinarian, and a business general manager. When you think about other things he talked about in this video and the previous one, what are some other jobs that might touch pig farming and agriculture? Examples: The barn needs to be at 82°F in the winter, what types of equipment or supplies are needed to achieve this? During harvest, Adam was driving a tractor and grain cart, who might they call if the tractor breaks down?

            1. Careers in agriculture

            2. Careers in agriculture