Riley Boadwine - March 2022

Posted: 2/27/2022

Riley Boadwine – March 2022

Riley shows us the milking parlor, introduces us to a curious cow, and shows us the milk storage tanks.

Discussion Topic: Riley said that cows are curious animals. How do you think you should act if you are ever near a cow? Check out this article for more information about cow behavior.

Math Problem: Riley told us that three semitrucks come to the farm every day to pick up the milk from the cows. Even though milk is a liquid, farms get paid for their milk by the pound. Can you figure out how many pounds of milk leave the farm each day? Each semi can haul 7,000 gallons of milk. If there are 8.6 pounds in every gallon, how many pounds can each semi haul?


Can you do research to determine how many pounds of milk it takes to make ice cream, butter, and cheese?



To make one pound of………………………………you need:

Butter                                                                21.8 lbs whole milk

Cheese                                                                 9.8 lbs whole milk

1 gallon Ice Cream                                         12.0 lbs whole milk

Plain Yogurt (not low fat)                                   1 lb whole milk