Phil Eggers – October 2022

Posted: 10/20/2022

Phil Eggers – October 2022

Meet farmer Phil Eggers! Phil raises Hereford beef cattle near Renner. In this video he talks about the process of weaning calves.


Discussion Topic: Phil raises Hereford cattle on his farm. Hereford cattle are raised for beef. What are characteristics that define a dairy cow or a beef cow?

            Use this link to learn more about types of cattle


Word problem: Standard 4.MD.A.2 Use the four operations to solve word problems involving… masses of objects…

Phil said the calves would weigh 70 pounds when they were born. When weighed at six months old during weaning, the calves should weigh 500 pounds. How much weight did the calf gain? Can you determine how much weight the calf gained each day?