Clint Brandlee - November 2021

Posted: 10/28/2021

Clint Brandlee – November 21 Introduction

Farming happens all year long. Clint shares about taking cattle to the pasture in the spring of the year and how they move cows to different pastures so the grass stays healthy. Hay, soybeans and corn are some of the crops that Clint’s family grows on the farm. He also shows us one way farmers can harvest corn is by chopping it into little pieces to make corn silage.

Discussion: Clint told us that his family works together to run the farm. South Dakota has 29,000 farms and 97% of them are run by families. Why do you think that his family works together on the ranch?

Discussion: Silage is the entire corn plant chopped up and fermented.  This is kind of like turning a cucumber in to a pickle! Here’s a great link about the science of pickles.