Clint Brandlee - February

Posted: 2/6/2022

Clint Brandlee – February2022

Clint talks about how they care for the cows and calves in the wintertime. He also takes us to the sale barn when the calf crop is sold and shows us the farm shop.


Discussion topic: Clint talks about caring for the cows during the winter. Cows can grow thick hair in the winter to help them stay warm. Do you know what temperature that cows prefer? How does that compare to the comfortable temperature of humans? Check out the resources below for additional information about cattle in cold weather.

            Can Livestock Handle Cold Weather?

            How do cows stay warm in the winter?

Math Problem: Each semi-trailer holds 72 head of Farmer Clint’s calves. If the average weight of each animal is 800 pounds, how much does one load of the calves weigh?