Bruce Burkhart, April 2017

Posted: 4/1/2017



  • Bruce knows about every part of his planter. It is important for farmers to know their equipment really well so that they use it in the correct way. By doing this they will get higher yields in the field!

Discussion Questions:
1. What other types of farming equipment can you think of?

2. What are some farm safety rules for when you are around equipment?


Teacher Resource:

This website explains some basic safety rules for kids to follow when they are on a farm.


Core Content Standard & Question 4.L.2.2. Students are able to explain how a size of a population is dependent upon the available resources within its community.

  • Bruce told us that they aim to have 33,0000 plants per acre.  He told us that the plants need to have water, sunlight and soil.  What are the resources that limit the number of corn plants per acre?