Adam Mohrhauser - November 2021

Posted: 10/28/2021

Adam Mohrhauser – November 2021


In this video, Adam shares about his farm. He also talks about corn harvest and takes us for a ride in the combine.


Activity: Go outside and measure a space that is 206 feet by 206 feet to visualize the size of one acre. Hint, you might need to use the football field.

            Or check out this link for a visual

Discussion Question: Name products in your school or home that have corn in it?  Teachers can find answers here:


Teacher Resource: This link has a very good visual of how a combine works.



Math Problem: Adam said the average yield for the field he was combing was 170 bushels per acre. If each bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds, how many pounds per acre did the field yield?