Adam Mohrhauser - January

Posted: 1/11/2022

Adam Mohrhauser – January 2022

Today Adam shows us how he makes feed for the cows and some of the ingredients that he uses in the feed ration.

Discussion: Corn Silage is the entire corn plant chopped up and fermented.  This is kind of like turning a cucumber in to a pickle! Here’s a great link about the science of pickles. 

Here is video that show corn silage chopping on a dairy farm you can skip to 1:57 if you want to get right to the corn chopping.

Math problem: Adam talks about the feed ration for the cows. How is the cow’s feed ration like a recipe? Using the ingredient list below, can you determine how much of each ingredient Adam needs to add to the mixer wagon in order to have 2,200 pounds of feed in the wagon for the cows?

            Alfalfa Hay = 13.69 pounds

            Corn Silage = 17.94 pounds

            Corn Stover = 12.71 pounds

            Mineral/vitamins = 0.25 Pounds

            Total for one 1,400-pound cow to eat each day is 44.59 pounds of feed.