Key Facts

South Dakota is home to over 31,000 farm and ranch families who work daily to ensure a safe and affordable product for consumers across the world. 98% of the farms in South Dakota are family owned and operated, with the average size of a farm being 1,395 acres.

Agriculture is South Dakota's number one industry with more than a $21 billion economic impact each year. Agriculture employs over 115,000 South Dakotans and contributes more than $645 million to the state's tax revenues.

In 1940 the average farmer fed 19 people. However, thanks to today's agriculture, the average farmer is able to produce more on fewer acres of land and is able to feed 155 people. The continued advancement in technology is important in order to feed a growing population of more than 9 billion people by 2050.

While a lot has changed in agriculture over the years, one thing remains the same and that is the farm families dedicated to providing quality care to the land, animals and environment as well as a safe and affordable product for families all over the world to enjoy.