Adopt A Farmer

Fourth grade classrooms across the state have the chance to "adopt" a farmer for the school year. Our farmers then send the classroom monthly video updates about what is going on at the farm that month. The farmer also visits the classroom at least once during the school year. For more information or to register your class to "adopt" a farmer email  

Greg Moes, April 2017

April 6, 2017
Discussion Question: Just like parents take care of sick kids, farmers are committed to caring for sick calves. What are things that your parents do for you when you are sick? Do you remember getting vaccinations before school?   Content…

Greg Moes, January 2017

January 31, 2017
Discussion: Cows and calves have a very specialized diet to stay healthy. What are foods that you should eat to stay healthy?  Greg told us that many of his feed ingredients are by-products. Do you know what a by-product is? Can you think of other…

Greg Moes, December 2016

December 1, 2016
Discussion: Baby calves live in separate pens when they are young to prevent the spread of germs. What are things you can do to prevent spreading germs to your classmates?   Content Standard & Question: 4.MD.1.1 Solve problems involving…

Greg Moes, November 2016

November 3, 2016
Discussion: Greg told us that the farm was homesteaded in 1874. What is a homestead? What possible challenges would a person homesteading face? How did homesteading contribute to the growth of SD?   Content Standard & Question: 4.US.1.1.…